About Our Leadership Structure

TerraCorps values difference and embraces the impact that diversity of thought, life experience, and identity has on our organization.

We believe in leveraging the natural strengths and leadership abilities in each member of our team. In keeping with these values, TerraCorps does not follow a traditional top-down management hierarchy, but instead operates in self-managed teams with a flattened organizational structure. By doing so, we distribute decision-making authority broadly, build equity for every voice in our company, and speak as a unified leadership team.

TerraCorps Staff

Maria Infante

Chief People and Culture Officer

Sean Pollock

Chief Operating Officer

Chun-See Tsao

Massachusetts Program Co-Director

David Graham Wolf

President & CEO

TerraCorps Board of Directors

In alignment with Policy Governance best practices.

Policy Governance is a comprehensive set of integrated principles that, when consistently applied, allows governing boards to realize owner-accountable organizations. Starting with recognition of the fundamental reasons that boards exist and the nature of board authority, Policy Governance integrates a number of unique principles designed to enable accountable board leadership.

Zoe Davis

Board Director

Thai Ha-Ngoc

Founding Board Director (Treasurer)

Reggie Hall

Founding Board Director (Co-Chair)

Nydia Hernandez

Board Director

Joshua Morse

Board Director

Ben Padilla

Founding Board Director