Sean Pollock

Chief Operating Officer


As a member of TerraCorps’ leadership team, Sean oversees our financial, data, and technology operations. In 2010, Sean helped design the TerraCorps program model while serving as Director of Finance and Operations at Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust. From 2013-18, Sean served as the TerraCorps’ Program Director and grew the program from 20 to 36 members by engaging new organizations and cultivating partnerships.

As a cisgender, straight, white man, Sean benefits from a lot of privilege, which he aims to use to make space for underrepresented voices and to progress social justice causes. Sean instills these values in his daughters by learning about and implementing anti-racist parenting. From reading books about Ruby Bridges to his daughters (one named Ruby) to attending gay pride marches as a family, Sean is trying to improve the world by raising socially conscious children. Sean grew up in a working-class family in a modest, semi-rural home – the same one his mom grew up in and still lives in with his sister’s family. The house was small and humble; however, it was surrounded by acres of woods. Sean spent his youth outside playing, appreciating nature, and helping his dad collect heat wood and take care of the land.

In Sean’s early career, he worked for the Environmental Leadership Program and earlier as a Naturalist Teacher at San Joaquin Outdoor Education. Also an AmeriCorps alum, Sean completed a year of national service with the Student Conservation Association in New Hampshire, and a year with the California Conservation Corps. He has a B.A. in psychology from Skidmore College.

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