TerraCorps Vision, Mission
& Ends

Land is more than the ground we walk on

TerraCorps’ Mission, Vision and Ends are built around this core belief — the universal importance of land.

Our Mission

The mission of TerraCorps is to prepare and mobilize emerging leaders to help communities gain access to and conserve land for people and nature.

TerraCorps works to create a future where land is the foundation for health and well-being for ALL people in EVERY community.

Our Vision

Our Ends Policy

The Ends Policy is an articulation of the big picture outcomes we seek to achieve:

  1. Lands are restored, protected, and managed for social and ecological resilience and sustainability.
  2. The well-being of communities is advanced by equitable access to healthy food, clean water, and land.
  3. A diversity of people have meaningful connections to local landscapes.
  4. Communities collaborate to build thriving social and ecological systems.
  5. Our alumni exemplify a diverse and inclusive network of accomplished professionals advancing these Ends.

Land is more than the ground we walk on