Land is the foundation
of health & well-being.

It should be accessible to ALL.

Read TerraCorps’ Statement Against Racism

Advancing Land Equity

We cultivate a more equitable ecosystem of people and organizations to protect and steward land for broader good.

Our work centers land equity, the strengthening of community land ownership and stewardship practices that support a diversity of interests in land for the benefit of human health and environmental sustainability.

We grow connections between urban, rural and suburban organizations working across land conservation, sustainable farming, food justice and community resilience.

Towards a Unified Land Movement

Connecting to Land

Our roots are diverse, but land is our center of gravity.

TerraCorps is more than a Service Program. We are an invitation to build connection.

Join us in deepening our relationship to land with a commitment towards more equitable land-use practices.

We are not experts. We are practitioners cultivating the seeds of change. 

Together, we are breaking ground: growing leaders, building capacity, creating access and rekindling relationships.

Building Common Ground

Leadership Development

We prepare and support emerging leaders for land-focused careers through our 11-month AmeriCorps program.


We strengthen organizational capacity through partnerships, resource-sharing and knowledge exchange across our diverse network.

Education & Training

We promote land equity awareness to evolve land conservation and stewardship practices.

Partnering with AmeriCorps

TerraCorps places AmeriCorps Members in 11-month service terms across a network of land-based community non-profits working towards equitable land use, food justice and environmental sustainability.

Our Growing Community