Working at TerraCorps

At TerraCorps, we celebrate difference and embrace the impact that diversity of thought, experience, and identity has on our organization.

This means our approach to hiring is less about finding the right “cultural fit” and instead looking for candidates who will provide a cultural add to our team.

As an organization, we strongly believe in being an equal opportunity employer. This means women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals are encouraged to apply. We offer health and supplemental insurance benefits, retirement plan with company match, FSA, paid time off, paid parking, sabbatical, professional development opportunities, and a flexible schedule to our employees.

If you are a person who would thrive in a collaborative start-up atmosphere committed to the ongoing development of an organizational model built on environmental and social good, we want to meet you!

Current Openings

  • We do not have any available staff openings at this time.

TerraCorps’ Hiring Approach
& Process

TerraCorps has a thoughtful and measured approach to hiring because we want a career in environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture to be a possibility for everyone. We acknowledge that reaching candidates outside of our immediate sphere of influence requires extra work on our part. It also means providing the time needed for a range of communities to become aware of open positions and still have enough time to apply.

As important as it is for us to fill open opportunities, it is equally important that we find alignment with our organizational commitments and values and this can take some time. We appreciate your willingness to participate in this process and we strive to be communicative with our applicants.

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How to be a Successful Applicant

TerraCorps wants to know more than what you can do—we want to learn who you are. We believe we bring our whole selves to our work and so much of our value as employees is not well-represented by the standard resume. Helping us gain a broader perspective of you as a candidate and potential team member, you may wish to address some of these questions in your cover letter:

  • Why TerraCorps? We are one of many land/conservation organizations. Why are you interested in working with us?
  • From what you know about us and our mission, what do we offer to you? How does working at TerraCorps fit into your career journey?
  • Considering that we are looking for people who provide a cultural add to our team, how do you think you might contribute? We’d love to know about the unique experiences, backgrounds and outlooks you would bring with you.
Explore open staff positions at TerraCorps

Meet the TerraCorps Team

Love what we do at TerraCorps and want to apply to work with us? Take a moment to meet the team you’d be joining.