Nicholas Burnett

LSC with Mass Audubon Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary (Conservation Science Dept.)

Pronouns: he/him

First things first, my name is Nicholas, but you can call me Nick. I currently reside in Rehoboth, MA, with my wife and three dogs. I am a retired soldier of the U.S. Army; I started my career off as a reservist for eight years and after a small break of four months, I transitioned over to full-time active duty. Although I did not stick around for the full 20 years, I am thankful for all the skills I learned along the way. I was motivated to apply to this position after reading the description and understanding the connection it would have with my current degree plan and future plans. In my past encounters, getting denied a job is usually due to the lack of experience. I aim to someday work for the Fish and Wildlife Service, or a similar organization, and I believe this opportunity is the first step and for that I am grateful for the consideration.

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