Catherine Denial

Evaluation Systems Designer


Catherine joined TerraCorps in March 2021 after nearly a year of COVID-19-related unemployment. She is primarily a storyteller, using qualitative and quantitative techniques to understand how TerraCorps achieves its Ends Policy. She is also a Master’s student at American University studying Measurement and Evaluation, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from The George Washington University. She orients herself as a use-based and social justice-based evaluator who prefers a mixed methods approach that leans heavily into qualitative data gathering. She believes that all organizations have a moral obligation to understand the impact and effects of their work by directly engaging with the people impacted by the work and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities in those places.

Before she joined TerraCorps, she split her time between freelancing as a scenic carpenter and stagehand in the Boston theater world, and traveling the world doing natural disaster reconstruction with All Hands and Hearts, both as a construction site supervisor and as a project manager. Her passion for disaster relief kicked off with two AmeriCorps service terms working with SBP (formerly St. Bernard Project) rebuilding homes in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish after Hurricane Katrina. Catherine’s connection to land comes from her understanding of the personal, emotional, and cultural importance of home and public spaces, and seeing the impact on communities when these spaces are lost, broken, or stolen. 

Catherine identifies as a cis-gender white female from a relatively privileged upbringing. She believes that all people should feel empowered to express and connect with their cultural identity and sense of home, and she hopes to use her privilege to understand and help deconstruct barriers to this expression. She also holds the identities of carpenter, tradeswoman, anthropologist, morning person, cold weather enthusiast, Burner, and she self-identifies as a Very Funny Person, though few people agree on that last point. She loves learning new languages, and speaks passable Spanish, quickly-fading Portuguese, and wildly basic quantities of French and Hindi. In her free time, Catherine enjoys baking and building projects, reading and editing fantasy and science fiction writing, hip hop dance, drinking too much tea, elaborately decorating for Halloween, and singing sea chanties and old-timey folk songs about death in the shower.

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