Brittany Laginhas

Founding Board Director

Brittany is a founding Director of TerraCorps and serves as the Co-Chair of TerraCorps’ Alumni Advisory Committee. Brittany is pursuing her Ph.D in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Program at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where she focuses on geospatial analysis of invasive species distributions at the global scale. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Brittany earned an M.A. in Biology and B.S. in Environmental Science from Clark University. Brittany is a field biologist with significant professional experience conducting vegetation and bathymetric surveys, designing restoration plans for aquatic and wetland systems, and assessing wildlife habitat for mitigation and permitting projects. A GIS expert, Brittany is currently a teaching assistant in the GIS lab at UMass-Amherst and volunteers at environmental non-profits helping them map and analyze environmental data. Brittany is a TerraCorps Alumni (2015) having completed her year of service as a Land Stewardship Coordinator at Kestrel Land Trust.

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