Equity at

Committed To The Process

At TerraCorps, staff are encouraged to bring their whole identity to the workplace and the mission.

At TerraCorps, we practice a model of organizational equity that demonstrates our collective willingness to be in a constant state of learning and growth. For this reason, our model is not a set structure but a reflection of where we are in our ongoing evolution. In fact, we view our ability to build and improve equitable structures and systems as evidence of our organizational impact. For TerraCorps, equity is a process rather than an end goal and we are committed to learning together as we continue on this journey.

Our Core Beliefs

Real change occurs when boards embrace the value that diversity brings to its own organizational governance

People engage with organizations where they see themselves represented and stay when they feel they belong

Organizational effectiveness is enhanced by the respectful exchange of diverse (different) ideas and perspectives

Organizational impact is strengthened by a range of knowledge and life experiences

Our Organizational Equity Goals

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Strengthen the capacity to meaningfully engage with DEI topics in a way that prioritizes understanding and awareness over agreement and consensus.

Challenge Assumptions

Build an awareness of the blind spots and biases we all hold in order to change ingrained habits and responses.

Maintain a Learner’s Posture

Remain open to a range of perspectives and look for value in the opinions and experiences of others.

Support Others in the Process

We are mindful that we may be at different stages in this process and we work together to ensure that everyone is able to grow and advance from where they are now.

Where we’re Headed

TerraCorps continues to learn and grow as an organization. As we look toward the future, we are hoping to:

  • Increase our staff-hiring reach to underrepresented groups through expanded job postings
  • Expand our DEI training program for TerraCorps Staff, Board Members and Partners
  • Support leadership development for managers
  • Increase our capacity and expertise to self-evaluate to enact change needed to further internal DEI