TerraCorps & AmeriCorps

An Innovative Approach to
Leadership & Service

TerraCorps offers an innovative Leadership Service model that connects AmeriCorps Members with a diverse network of 40+ land-focused nonprofits where they complete an 11-month term of service.

During service, TerraCorps Members are paired with site supervisors who provide professional mentorship and guidance within each host organization. There, they build their professional skill sets, gain field experience, and develop a network of colleagues that help them launch their careers.Throughout their service, Members also receive ongoing training and support from TerraCorps to ensure their success during service and nurture their long-term professional growth after service.

Within this model, local Service Site partners gain the capacity and expertise to implement their community-based initiatives. TerraCorps believes in the power of local nonprofits to best understand and serve their communities.

Our service model allows Partners to align service work with local needs and priorities. This model provides our Partners with capacity-building support that strengthens their ability to fulfill their missions over time, thereby enhancing the positive impact on the lives and communities they serve.

TerriCorps Members service in a range of Coordinator positions within our Service Site Partner organizations:

TerraCorps Member Coordinator Roles