Equity in Land Conservation

At TerraCorps we’re helping communities build equity in land conservation across the urban-rural divide.

What is equity in land conservation?  It’s all of the following:

  • Community ownership of land for the purposes of health, wellness, and environmental sustainability;
  • Secure access to land for rest, recreation, and rejuvenation;
  • Land security for communities seeking to grow local, healthy food;
  • Affordable, long-term land tenure for our next generation of farmers;
  • Vibrant local programs that maximize sustainable productive use of land to benefit the community;
  • Active community stewardship of land by the people who live there;
  • Inclusive decision-making and planning processes for community land conservation projects;
  • Community empowerment with knowledge, tools, and technical assistance to conserve land;
  • Community-wide connections between humans and their local natural landscapes.